Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sick in India

So, I had a feeling this would happen eventually. I mean, I have had numerous stomach issues while here, but its official, I am sick in India. I'm not exactly sure what I have but the symptoms are:
  • really bad body aches (like it hurts just to squeeze my arm or even hurts a little to type)
  • a massive headache
  • no chills, but excessive sweating (more than usual since i'm always sweating here haha)
  • heavy, sore eyes (if that makes sense)
  • lastly, a sore throat
Well, if anyone has a clue to what type of sickness that is, that would be awesome. Today will be the second day i'll be in bed sick from work. I can stand all of the symptoms but the body aches. They're really getting to me.

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