Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Grand Hotel


Today is my official first full day in India! I arrived at SFO very early at 4 a.m. Suprisingly, it seemed abandoned as there was hardly anyone there. I was nervous. Very Nervous! Of course, I did not let my family know of my nervousness. Made it to my gate, said my goodbyes, and went through security. The flight went well from SFO to Newark, NJ. I sat next to a mother and young daughter who discreetly tried looking out of my window. Once in the airport at Newark, I realize just how hungry I am and head over to a pizza restaurant and get a slice of cheese pizza. I'm still not sure if it actually tasted good, or if I was just starving. Eventually, after waiting several hours and having the flight be delayed, I boarded the plane for my first international flight! The plane was HUGE! The flight was very long, 14 hours and 30 minutes. I watched movies, slept, and ate the complimentary meals which consisted of palak paneer, dahl lentils, yogurt, and other items. After landing, I struggled through customs, finding my luggage, exchanging money, and finding a taxi. After using all of my brain power, and asking for help from anyone who would listen, I arrived at my hotel The Grand Hotel. It is a very luxurius hotel. I have a lovely room with a view of the grounds and fountain. I will be catching a taxi at 11 and going on my flight to Indore, India to arrive finally at Barli Development Institute for Rural Women!